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Professional Plastic Cutting Board, HDPE Poly for Restaurants, Dishwasher Safe and BPA Free, 24 x 18 x 0.5 Inches, White


Price: $26.95
(as of Dec 05,2020 15:38:41 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Restaurant Cutting BoardsRestaurant Cutting Boards

Professional Quality for Food Service

HDPE Plastic Cutting Boards – NSF Stamped

Used by food service professionals, our plastic cutting boards are designed for the rough environment of restaurant kitchens.

Made from industrial grade HDPE plastic, our boards help keep kitchens clean and sanitary, as our engineered plastic is resistant to warping, knife scarring, stains, mold and germs.

All of our cutting boards are NSF certified from the National Sanitation Foundation and produced in quality controlled manufacturing facilities. If a cutting board is not NSF, then it is not approved for professional kitchens and restaurants.

Long Service Life Material

HDPE is a naturally heavier material (but not too heavy), helping it stay in place while using. The surface of the board also features micro texturing to assist with grip and cutting.

About Thirteen Chefs

We are a Seattle based team of industry pros that designs and manufactures professional kitchen wares and tools. Our support and staff are all based in the US with international manufacturing partners. As an American company with roots in food service, we are dedicated to quality control and commitment to safety.

Why the Pros use Thirteen Chef Cutting Boards

Higher heat tolerance, can withstand temperatures up to 185 F (commercial dishwasher safe)

Heavier weight helps prevent sliding and bouncing

NSF stamp of approval, ensuring quality control standards

Greater durability and service life at direct to customer budgets

Thousands of happy customers

Large White Cutting Board

Extra Large Cutting Board

20 x 15 x 0.5

24 x 18 x 0.5

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Extra Large

Dishwasher Safe

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Thirteen Chefs logoThirteen Chefs logo

Professional Grade Plastic – Engineered from superior HDPE (high density polyethylene) vs consumer grade plastics that easily warps and cuts. Our poly cutting boards are made for both food service and home chefs
Commercial Dishwasher Safe – Easy cleaning, holds up to high temperature restaurant dish washers. Will most likely not fit home dishwashers.
NSF Approved – Certified for food service, this plastic compound resists germs, odors and stains.
Best For Knives – Unlike wood, plastic is soft and will not dull or blunt knife edges over time, unlike other materials.
Made by Thirteen Chefs – Maker of professional and gourmet kitchen tools for chefs


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