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Quarantine Dish #2 : Southern Smothered Cabbage – I Heart Recipes

Quarantine Dish #2 : Southern Smothered Cabbage – I Heart Recipes

Hey y’all! Its cousin Rosie and I’m going to show you how I make my smothered cabbage. This was inspired or actually, kind of requested by one of y’all on Instagram, so let’s get right to it! So I start off with my smoked turkey, I’m going to boil it until it’s nice and tender.

It took me about, let’s say 30 to 35 minutes, and this is a smoked turkey wing. So yeah, I boiled it until most of the liquid was gone and then I’m going to just turn the heat, off remove the turkey out of that pot, then I’m going to just set it to the side.

Now, again, we cooked it down y’all, so as you see, there’s very little liquid in there but we’re not going to get rid of that–you’re going to keep it in that pot, okay? So, yeah, don’t dump it out! We want all that flavor to remain in the pot.

Okay, so now we’re going to go over to our chopping board and we’re just going to cut the meat from the bone. Again, I’m using a turkey–smoked turkey wing. Now if you have a turkey leg that you want to use, you can do so.

If you’re not into turkey, you can do ham hocks–it does take a lot longer, but ay, do you! So at this chopping board, I have my turkey, onions, and garlic–I set that to the side and here is my cabbage.

This, I believe, is savoy cabbage. I just picked up from the grocery store. If you want to use a regular green cabbage, that will definitely work. I always pull the top leaves off and then I just chop it, just like so, and then I separate the leaves or separate the cabbage–y’all know what I’m trying to say, okay! Then we’re gonna rinse them under cool water and all the good stuff.

I also cleaned it with some vinegar–so vinegar water–and then I set the cabbage to the side. Okay, so we’re back to our pot. I turned the heat to medium and now I’m gonna start adding in our onions.

I’m also going to add in the garlic. Okay, I did not add anything to the liquid, that’s still the same ol’ little itty bitty liquid that we had from our smoked turkey. Over a medium, I’m just going to give everything a nice stir and then after about five minutes or so, or once everything is nice and translucent, just like so, we can start adding in some more ingredients.

Now I’m going to start adding in my cabbage. yeah don’t forget you can use–I’m using savoy, you can use regular green, I’ve never used red cabbage for this, so I’m sure it will work, I just never used it.

Now we’re going to start adding the cabbage in and I’m going to just mix everything. I should’ve used a better kitchen utensil y’all, but I grabbed whatever was there because I was recording and I wasn’t quite prepared.

But yeah, we’re just going to stir and then I’m going to start adding in my Creole seasoning. Now if you don’t have Creole seasoning, you can use seasoning salt or you can use garlic salt. If you don’t have any of those, regular salt is just gonna have to do boo, okay? Because I don’t want y’all going out to the store for just one of those seasonings when you have something else–you know, times is hard, don’t be gettin’ no RoRo for a particular salt! Now anyway, we’re going to start adding in our meats.

okay. Now, again, I’m using smoked turkey–for some reason, people always ask me even if I mentioned– “what did you use?” Smoked turkey, baby. So, we’re going to just stir everything and then once everything is nice and well incorporated, I’m just going to grab the lid to my pot, keep it on the heat on medium, and then I’m going to just let the cabbage cook down until looks like this! And you know what, we got us smothered cabbages! Smothered in onions, turkey meat, and garlic, and just like that we are done! I’m gonna thank you all for watching.

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