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Recipes for romantic Valentine’s Day dinner on a budget

Recipes for romantic Valentine’s Day dinner on a budget

good morning to you both spending some special time with your special someone shouldn’t cost you a lot of money and this valentine’s day you can make a romantic meal at home for under 20 bucks Melissa’s on tail with food ex Fields is here this morning to help us make that special meal what are we making right now okay so we are making a reverse seared steak so what that means is that this steak has gone into the oven okay I’ve baked it until it’s 95 degrees on the inside and now we’re just gonna give it a quick sear to finish it off okay and how does that help the steak so basically what it does for the seat because it just gives it a really beautiful struck buttered or pan near and the key is we want to have a really hot pan okay use me inside of the pen so you can add in a little extra flavor you gotta put the butter on the steak right obviously so what you doing we’re gonna let this sit for about 30 seconds okay and then we’ll flip okay and when you’re making a seared steak how do you make sure that you’re getting it perfectly well done so I like my fake medium-rare okay I use a meat thermometer and when this baby hits 120 I’m pulling it off okay so after that point I let it rest for about five minutes and then it reaches 125 which is perfect medium-rare what we’re going to do first is blanch our asparagus afterwards we’re gonna toss it with olive oil pecorino romano and lemon beautiful okay and how does that pair nicely with this steak it offers a little bit of a textural element because there’s a crunch to the asparagus perfect well we’ve laid out all these recipes for you on WFLA comm have fun cooking in your kitchen tonight and a happy Valentine’s Day I’m Lila gross back to you


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