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Red Sauce Pasta Recipe

Red Sauce Pasta Recipe

I am Ashu and in today’s episode I’m making Red Sauce Pasta which is actually very easy and super delicious, trust me Very basic ingredients go into making this, tomatoes, herbs and pasta I’m using Penne Pasta, which is basically cylindrical shaped pasta, you can use whichever you like! I’m using dry herbs, you can use fresh herbs as well, that’s even better! so lets make delicious red sauce pasta We’ll switch the gas on, and boil water followed by salt and olive oil we’ll add the penne pasta and boil for 7-8 minutes or as per your packet’s instructions Till the pasta cooks al dente We’ll drain the pasta and meanwhile prepare the sauce! For red sauce pasta, you need red firm tomatoes, if you take sour tomatoes Or typical indian tomatoes(desi tomatoes) your sauce will be a little sour and the pasta will get too tangy wash the tomatoes really well and cut from the top and chop out this woody portion now we’ll boil these tomatoes for 6-5 minutes till the skin separates from them switch the gas off and take the tomatoes out of the water now we will peel the skin off and roughly chop no need to be perfect here because there final destination is getting ground in the mixie now we’ll heat a pan, add extra virgin olive oil, followed by finely chopped garlic Now we’ll add red chilli flakes, stir and then add our ground tomato puree sauté add salt, black pepper powder now we’ll add cheese & italian herbs seasoning in case you don’t have this, then you can add any italian herb seasoning some oregano and dry basil leaves some tomato ketchup and we’ll cook it on low flame for 5-6 minutes till our pasta sauce reduces to about half, and gets thick mixing the sauce and pasta together and finally, mix the boiled pasta well serve hot! (In a cool dish) sprinkle some parmesan cheese and in case you don’t have parmesan, then any processed cheese would do! even cheddar, or mozzarella if you liked this recipe, then do like the video, share and subscribe! Thank you for watching!


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