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Salt and Pepper Shakers Moisture Proof Set of 2 Medium Salt Shaker to go Camping Picnic Outdoors Kitchen Lunch Boxes Travel Spice Set Clear with Red Covers Lids Plastic Airtight Spice Jar Dispenser


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Product Description


Reusable salt and pepper shakers

Reusable, high-quality salt and pepper shakers that are great for the environment, reducing the need for throwaway packets of seasoning. Ideal for popping into lunchboxes for work, to use on camping trips or for picnics. Use for salt, pepper or spices – food on-the-go never has to be bland again!

Non-toxic food grade mini salt and pepper shakers

Made from non-toxic BPA Free materials, our unique salt and pepper shakers are durable, air-tight and spill-proof thanks to the tight sealing lids. The lids are removable too, making these salt and pepper shakers easy to wash by hand or in the dishwasher.

Variety of sizes and sets available

Our travel-sized salt and pepper pots have 7 holes for easy pouring and are available in various sizes and set options. Please choose from the following when purchasing; A set of 2 or 4 1.35 oz. shakers, A set of 2 3 oz. shakers, A set of 2 4.75 oz. shakers or a set of 3 shakers, one of each size.

season your food on-the-go with these mini salt and pepper shakers!


SIGNORA WARE has launched a wide range of durable quality kitchenware and is determined to provide newest innovative items plus old fashioned famous products, yet assures the most affordable prices through adopting modern technology.

SIGNORA WARE strives to achieve satisfaction to its best -its QUALITY of its CONTAINERS is as important as the QUALITY of the FOOD – it RETAINS FRESHNESS that RETAINS your HEALTH!!




1.35 oz. – 3 oz – 4.75 oz.

23 oz – 4.5 oz.

1.3 oz – 2.3 oz – 3 oz – 4 oz

16 oz – 23 oz

4 oz. – 9.5 oz.

61 oz – 33 oz

Set of

2 pk 2x 1.35 oz – 2 pk 2x 3 oz.- 2 pk 2x 4.75 oz. – 3 pk combo – 4 pk 4x 1.35 oz.

4 pk 23 oz. – 6 pk 4.5 oz.

6 same size

6 pk 16 oz. – 3 pk. 23 oz.

8 pk 4x 4 oz 4x 9.5 oz – 4 pk 4x 9.5 oz. – 4 pk. 4x 4 oz.

2 pk 2x 61 oz – 2 pk 2x 33 oz – 2 pk combo

Fridge – Freezer – Dishwasher – Microwave Safe

airtight – leakproof


37 oz

15 – 22 – 30 – 37 oz.

5 oz

6.75 – 4.75 – 2.75 – 1.25 qt,

3 – 4 – 5 – 17 oz.

Set of


Single box

4 pk -2x 15 oz. 2x 22 oz. 2 pk-30 oz. 37 oz.

6 -2 of each color

4 -1x each sizes

6 same size

Fridge – Freezer Dishwasher – Microwave Safe

Airtight – leakproof

Virgin plastic

Virgin plastic

BPA free

BPA free

ISO 900

ISO 900

Food grade

Food grade

Virgin plastic is just the opposite of recycled plastic… we only use newly manufactured plastic for our top quality products.

Made of 100% BPA free. without using any bisphenol A chemical to manufacture our products.

We consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements, our goal is to demonstrate continuous improvement.

our plastic containers are totally safe for storing and freezing food. They are made from durable food safe plastic which is strong and long lasting.

REUSABLE PLASTIC SALT AND PEPPER SET – reusable salt and pepper shakers in various sizes, perfect for lunch boxes, camping, picnics or even traveling. Spill-proof salt and pepper pots that are airtight, preventing your spices and salt from getting damp
TRANSPARENT SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS – transparent plastic salt and pepper pots designed so you can see straightaway what each shaker contains. Use for salt and pepper or spices to flavor your food on-the-go
VARIOUS SIZES AVAILABLE – each salt shaker has 7 holes for easy pouring. Various sets are available; A set of 2 or 4 1.35 oz. shakers, A set of 2 3 oz. shakers, A set of 2 4.75 oz. shakers and a set of 3 shakers, one of each size. Please select your preference when ordering
MADE FROM FOOD GRADE SAFE MATERIALS – our plastic mini salt and pepper shakers are non-toxic and completely safe for storing food substances. They are made from durable, BPA free plastic which is strong and long lasting. These salt and pepper pots are Dishwasher, Fridge and Freezer safe too
IDEAL GIFT FOR ADVENTURE LOVERS AND CAMPERS – looking for a gift for someone who loves to explore the outdoors? This set of plastic salt and pepper shakers will be a welcome addition to their cooking equipment to season and flavour food on-the-go!


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