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Shaking Beef Recipe (Bo Luc Lac) | Vietnamese Recipes

Shaking Beef Recipe (Bo Luc Lac) | Vietnamese Recipes

hey everyone welcome to Pai’s Kitchen today we are going to make a Vietnamese dish with a super fun name Shaking Beef or what they called “Bo Luc Lac” now this dish I loved it so much when I used to be a restaurant chef I put it on the menu and it was super popular so I’m happy to be sharing it with you today so think of these as little marinated steak cubes that are so flavorful goes great with rice and it’s so easy to put together totally weeknight dinner material.

let’s get started let’s look at the beef now as you see this dish doesn’t have a whole lot going on other than the beef so it’s very important that you use good quality beef so I am using rib eye here it’s one of my favorite cuts nice and tender but also flavorful lots of marbling going through if you want you can do tenderloin if you want a little fancy or sirloin as well anything that you would like in a big steak form would work for this all right and then I just cut them into about one inch cubes bite-sized cubes now the marinade is the trio of my favorite and of course you got to have some fish sauces oyster sauce and some soy sauce sauce and so stick with the theme I am using Vietnamese fish sauce for this there we go a little bit of sugar just to balance out the saltiness this is sort of my trick but I love to add just a little bit of black soy sauce into it and black soy sauce is not very salty but it is very dark and it’s just gonna make everything look that much more scrumptious if you don’t have it you can substitute dark soy sauce but then you need to cut down on your soy regular soy sauce measurement because dark soy sauce like Chinese dark soy sauce it’s a little saltier now could add some garlic to this and I’m gonna use my handy dandy microplane to get my garlic superfine so it’s well distributed basically liquefy liquefied into that marinade or make a paste with your knife whatever you’d like and then of course we got beef so you’re gonna have to add some black pepper because you just can’t have one without the other give that a good mix now as you stir you start to notice that all that pooling liquid is less and less on the bottom that’s a good thing you want all that sauce to absorb into the beef now I like to let this marinate twenty minutes thirty minutes really not a long time I’ve done it where I let it marinate overnight and the salt in all the sauces kind of almost cures the beef a little bit and the textures not as nice so this is a situation where it’s actually better to marinate for less a few hours is okay so that’s the meat I’m gonna let that sit and I just want to show you my tomatoes for a second so I’m using cherry tomatoes for this to add some color and just contrast of acidity you don’t have to you can do big tomatoes you don’t have to add any vegetables if you like but if you want to do a cherry tomatoes like me what I like to do is poke them with the knife so you create a bit of an opening because what happens I’m gonna throw these into the wok briefly to get them heated up but if you there’s no opening sometimes the juice inside gets really hot and steamy and then you eat it and that hot juice explode in your mouth like it’s it’s not a pleasant experience so to prevent that from happening you give it a little bit of opening to prevent cherry tomato bombs from going off so before we cook I’m gonna just put a little bit of oil just cooking oil I’m using avocado oil here just to get all the pieces evenly coated in oil because I’m not gonna do too much tossing around once it’s in the wok just a little bit of oil in there oh that wok heat it up really fast okay I got just a tiny bit of oil in there and then I’m gonna just drop the beef in but instead of pouring everything and I’m just gonna do one by one cuz I don’t want too much excess marinade sort of cooling around and it can burn okay and now I’m going to let that fear don’t move them it’s not time to shake cut it yet until it has a nice browning on the bottom side and then when you have that then you shake the pan around to toss them around and that’s where the shaping beef comes from and we pray that the smoke alarm is not going to go off in the middle of this okay I got some nice browning pick up my wok and it give it a shake let’s do that again just cuz it’s fun there we go so now I go in and they make sure I flip anything that didn’t really flip to the other side all right it’s pretty good there most of them flips to the other side now throwing my tomatoes right now so they have some time to cook and now at this point you can be done if you want the myrrh if you want to medium rare or whatever then it’s up to you at this point when you want to pull the beef off and now because we already have some browning going on you can shake the pan as much as you want to get the tomatoes coated to get you know to get them moving because it’s fun all right I kind of want these still pretty pink in the middle so I’m gonna cut it and just like that fastest dinner ever so in the restaurant I serve this with like a little fennel salad with a vinaigrette you can do that if you want but to keep it simple I’ve just got some butter lettuce here just something to munch on to cut the grease and then the beef goes right on it the smell right now is irresistible so good now because this is really rich and you know there’s fatty beef in there a little bit of pickles it’s nice to cut the grease so I’ve got here just some pickled red onion it’s really easy I’ll include the instructions in the written recipe but it’s like the easiest because you can never make but if you have sauerkraut and you like that you can serve that with that if you want pickled mustard greens for those of you agents out there that’s got some pickled mustard greens in the house but pickled red onion it’s also very pretty so I like to add that on there you go and then you save the rest for on the side and then so I like it just like this but sometimes you see it’s served with a dipping sauce and the dipping sauce is simply a mixture of salt black pepper and then some lime so I’ll just let just squeeze some lime right on top of here a lot of times what I’ll do because I do like the lime I would just serve it with a wedge of lime and then you can squeeze that directly on top because I don’t feel like it needs any more salt in here but just showing you an option something you can do and that is it yes and there isn’t a lot of sauce in this dish that’s exactly what you want you want all that flavor on the beef itself now I’m just gonna cut one open just to show you the doneness that I have but again you can make it as rare or well-done as you like so Oh mine is just so perfectly pink my god make sure I get a piece of pickled onion on there smell of charred beef follow up with a tomato the other side of my feet Oh that’d be so perfectly tender super flavorful I mean I’m telling you that combination of oyster sauce soy sauce and fish sauce like cannot go wrong in so many different situations and it’s so easy and if you’re a meat lover guarantee you this is it right here so I hope you give this a try the recipe as always will be on Pais kitchen comm and when you make it send me a photo on Facebook Twitter or Instagram and if you haven’t subscribed to the show make sure you do so you don’t miss an awesome recipe like this and make sure you also click that little bell icon so you get a notification when I post a new video and if you love the show and you want to support us as always you can check out our patreon page the link is in the description below and I will see you next time for your next delicious adventure turn on all the fans


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