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Shun Kanso 12-Inch Hollow-Ground Brisket Knife; Trim and Slice Large Cuts of Brisket, Roast, Ham and Turkey; High-Performance Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Handcrafted in Japan; Includes Wooden Sheath


Price: $169.95
(as of Nov 12,2020 08:36:13 UTC – Details)

Handcrafted in Japan from high-performance materials, Shun knives are the perfect blend of traditional knife-making techniques and advanced technology. The Shun Kanso 12-inch Hollow-Ground Brisket Knife marries the two concepts to beautifully slice larger cuts of meat without repeated sawing. The long, narrow blade makes it easy to slice large cuts of meat in a single pass, ensuring more of the flavor and juices remain inside the meat. Made from Japanese AUS10A stainless steel, the blade has hollow-ground indentions to release food from the blade and a rounded tip for safer use. The Heritage finish hides scratches and gives a rustic feel that only improves with time. An included saya, or wooden sheath, makes transportation to celebrations and events simple and easy. Shun’s Kanso line embodies the Zen principle of simplicity by eliminating non-essentials and focusing on the most important elements: a razor-sharp edge, high-performance steel, perfect balance and precision control.

The long and narrow blade makes Kanso ideal for trimming and slicing large cuts of meat like brisket, poultry, pork, bacon, ham, roast and turkey; razor-sharp edge keeps more of the juices and flavor inside meat
12 inches of high-performance Japanese steel, hand-sharpened to an optimum angle ensure the protein will slice beautifully with no need to saw back and forth; smooth clean cuts every time
A rounded tip makes the knife safer and easier to use; hollow-ground indentions along the blade to help release food more cleanly from the blade while slicing or trimming
An included wooden saya, or sheath, makes the knife simple to transport and store while protecting the hand-performance blade, which is made from refined, high-carbon, vanadium stainless steel
The handle is made of tagayasan wood, also known as “iron sword wood” in Japan; a Heritage finish hides scratches and improves with age; full-tang construction provides balance, strength and control


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