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Smokey Maple Chipotle Bacon BBQ Sauce Recipe

Smokey Maple Chipotle Bacon BBQ Sauce Recipe

welcome friends welcome back to the kitchen it is May 20 2011 Toronto and about a week and a half ago the temperatures were below freezing and there were snow flurries and today it’s 32 or 33 degrees outside an absolute scorcher for so early in the season which has got me thinking more and more about summer barbecues so earlier today I made a cabbage salad and I fried off some bacon to sprinkle on the top just before serving which has left me with some bacon fat in the bottom of this pan not quite enough so I’m going to supplement it with the bacon fat that I keep on the back counter I want about three three and a half tablespoons of bacon fat in the bottom of this pan and where you are going to saute off these onions and saute might be a strong word we’re really looking to sweat them down get them translucent and almost have them break down completely that’s coming together nicely now the heat isn’t on very high I’ve got this set on five out of ten so halfway just enough to keep it hot so that the onions break down so I have some of our spring garlic if you have regular heads of garlic just go ahead and use that I find that I have this garlic so I’m going to use it that’s pretty much the only reason it does have a slightly different flavor than the garlic that you would buy at the supermarket but not so much that you’re really going to notice and that just goes in and starts to get heated pretty much as soon as the garlic hits the pan it’s going to become fragrant and that’s when you want to add in the spices so I have oregano I have dried hot mustard I have chipotle chili powder and ancho chili powder and I’m just going to stir those together and get the spices to bloom you don’t want to let this go too long because you don’t want the spices to burn so pretty much in like the time it takes you to measure out some ketchup now this is our homemade ketchup you’re going to notice that it is darker and chunkier than most homemade ketchup or most ketchups in general oftentimes Julie and I will let it go a lot longer to develop a really deep deep earthy flavor and we won’t blend it at the end mostly because we’re not using it for grilled cheese sandwiches for grilled cheese sandwiches you really need to use that electric red stuff from the grocery store but for this you could definitely use the stuff from the grocery store it will be just fine it’s going to bring all of the right components to this recipe so stir that in next in we need some soy sauce and I’m just going to free pour full ingredient list is in the description box below the video and I think that’s about right so stir that in while it’s cooking down I’m going to add some vinegar any vinegar you want this is one that I particularly enjoy it also needs some more stir sauce and this is the stuff that we’re experimenting with here at home in the kitchen homemade it’s not quite Wurster sauce but you know what it has all of the same flavor components and is absolutely amazing and everything that I’ve cooked it in if you have store-bought Worcester sauce use that it’s going to work just the same so I’m gonna put in a couple of spoonfuls of this and we’ll give this a stir just to start bringing it all together the heat still on low its bubbling just a little bit looking good now we come to the point of adding a sweetener now I’ve already added ketchup and if you’re adding commercially made ketchup it will be very sweet so you want to taste this and decide how much extra sweetness you want to add some people won’t add anything some people will want it sweeter and this is then the next decision is what sweetener to use and what flavor you want it to bring to the barbecue sauce so molasses is is a great one brown sugar which is just white sugar with molasses added back in another great one to use sorghum sorghum is absolutely amazing in this I use sorghum in this all the time it brings with it a beautiful flavor if you’ve never had pure sorghum and you have to make sure that you get pure sorghum there’s a lot of sorghum out there that is sorghum flavor added to corn syrup a lot like pancake syrup pretends to be maple syrup but it’s just corn syrup with maple flavoring and to that end I’m gonna add some maple syrup so you don’t want much you know maybe 2 or 3 tablespoons just enough to bring some sweetness and some flavor and I love that maple flavor so we’re just gonna stir that all together we’re gonna put this on to a low simmer for maybe 15 or 20 minutes and yes I rinsed the ketchup bottle with water so that I could get all of the ketchup out okay I think we’re done so I’ll give it a little taste and see where we’re at now at this point mmm that’s so good but it’s so good there’s a Tang right at the beginning and then there’s a little hint of sweetness but not too much subtle hint of sweetness but then you get hit with that pepper that is absolutely amazing I love that stuff and yet I don’t put it on everything that I barbecue um cuz often times I just want the meat to speak for itself anyway back to what I was saying at this point if you like it a little bit chunky you can put it into a container and keep it I think that’s just a little bit too chunky for me so I’m going to blend it down smooth okay we are done so I’m going to transfer this to a mason jar and I keep it in the fridge you don’t have to keep it in the fridge definitely could just be kept on the countertop in the pantry or in the garage can be kept pretty much anywhere so at some point this summer we’ll get out to the barbecue or the wood oven and we’ll cook with this stuff and I’ll show you how good it is but you know what I could just have that in a bowl on the table and dip bread into it and I would be a very happy boy thanks for stopping by see you again soon you


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