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SO-VIDA Sous Vide Container Sleeve For The Rubbermaid 12 Quart (18 & 22 Qt Available) – Protects Your Work Surfaces and Saves You Electricity From Increased Insulation


Price: $24.74
(as of Sep 25,2020 14:50:22 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Key problems whilst Sous Vide Cooking

Do you want to protect your kitchen worktop from the high heat whilst Sous Vide cooking? Do you want to lower your electricity bills whilst using your Sous Vide device? Do you want to save time by making the water reach its cooking temperature faster? Do you want to fashbionable looking Sous Vide set up?
That’s why we at SO-VIDA invented the original Sous Vide Sleeve

We spent many months designing and refining our Sous Vide sleeve so you can benefit from: Avoid heat damage to your kitchen worktop (we use the highest premium grade neoprene to ensure this) Upto a 26% reduction in your Sous Vide electrcity cost Your water bath will reach its water temperature on average around 3 minutes faster with our sleeve

Save Money & Time

Our Sous Vide Sleeve made from premium high quality neoprene makes sure you benefit from money and time savings. It also looks great!

Many Sizes and Colors

We have Sleeves for many containers including: 12, 18, 22QT Rubbermaid 12QT Cambro 12QT Lipavi/EVERIE/WyzerPro

Meet Will, the SO-VIDA Founder


I’m Will, the founder of SO-VIDA. I have been cooking Sous Vide for many years however I struggled I found a big lack of high quality Sous Vide accessories.

That’s why I founded SO-VIDA, The Original Sous Vide Accessory Company.

I hope you enjoy our products. Our team is always here to help as the customer is 100% the most important person to us at SO-VIDA.

Enjoy your Sous Vide cooking!

SO-VIDA Founder

Sous Vide Sleeve uses PREMIUM neoprene. Our extra investment in HIGH GRADE neoprene ensures you benefit from greater electricity savings, quicker heating times and maximum work surface protection
LOWER Your Electricity Bills With This Sous Vide Sleeve
PROTECT Your Work Surfaces With The Base Insulation
SAVE TIME As The Increased Insulation Helps Reach Cooking Temperature Faster
An INDEPENDENTLY conducted benchmarking test of our product found a 26.4% electricity saving during a 24 hour cook and a 3 minute faster warm up time. ONLY our product which uses PREMIUM neoprene and has been carefully made to ensure a close tight fit (essential for insulation) can produce these savings for you


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