Home Rice Recipes The Best Chinese House Special Fried Rice Recipe ~ Chinese Stir Fry

The Best Chinese House Special Fried Rice Recipe ~ Chinese Stir Fry

The Best Chinese House Special Fried Rice Recipe ~ Chinese Stir Fry

It’s fried rice for dinner. I’m Tess and tonight I’m making a Chinese House Special fried rice with shrimp, chicken and beef. Stay tuned! For this Chinese House Special fried rice I have some shrimp, sliced chicken and beef.

I’m preparing all three the same. Seasoning all with a pinch of salt. I have two egg whites that I’m whisking and dividing among all three meats along with some corn starch. Giving them all a good stir and setting to the side.

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If you have a chance please check it out. I’ve made my jasmine rice yesterday and refrigerated overnight. I have all my veggies prepped and ready. First, I’m cooking all the meats separately. I have my heat on medium-high adding a little oil and the meat.

Letting the meat cook for about 10 to 15 seconds before stirring. Cooking for 2 to 3 minutes or until the meat is done then I’m removing from the pan and setting to the side. Next, I’m cooking the eggs.

I have my wok on medium heat and I added some oil. I have the two egg yolks left over and I added another egg. Giving them a good whisk. Cooking and chopping into little pieces. Once done I’m removing the eggs from the pan.

And we are ready to put this Chinese House Special fried rice together. In my wok on medium-high heat I added more oil, minced garlic and the whites of garden onions. Cooking and stirring for about 15 seconds and then adding in some diced carrots and bell peppers.

You can use the vegetables that you have or like. Cooking and stirring for a couple minutes. I’m also adding in a couple diced red chilies for some heat and this is optional. I love peas in fried rice.

Stirring in to combine and then I’m adding in the rice, the shrimp, chicken, beef, the eggs, oyster sauce and some mushroom flavor dark soy sauce. This is going to give this fried rice a rich flavor.

Cooking and stirring until everything is well coated with the sauce. Finally, I’m adding in some chopped green onions, one final stir and it’s ready to eat! This is quite a hearty Chinese fried rice with all the protein.

Lots of flavors and textures! If you have a minute please remember to check out my other Chinese fried rice video recipes and my Asian recipe playlists for lots more ideas and recipes. I hope you give this Chinese house special fried rice dinner a try and enjoy.

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