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The Carboy Bumper – Protects Your Glass Carboy or Fermentor for Home Brewing Beer, Wine Making, Cider, & Mead (set of 6)


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A first of its kind, the Carboy Bumper is a simple product designed to fill a gap in homebrewing and winemaking. Made from a special shock absorbing microcellular material that is soft to touch, but when stressed upon impact, it hardens up to absorb the impact. The Carboy Bumper material absorbs up to 90% of impact energy protecting any carboy from impact damage, in accordance to ASTM-F1614-C. Even with careful carboy handling practices, microfractures develop in your glass carboy every time you place it down on a hard surface. Overtime, these microfractures weaken the structure of your carboy. The Carboy Bumper is designed to attach to and extend the life of your carboy and prevent breakage that occur from everyday carboy usage.FIRST OF ITS KIND CARBOY PROTECTOR: The Carboy Bumper was designed to preserve the life of your carboy and reduce the risk of breakage by offering protection where your carboy needs it most. You place your carboy on the bottom every time you set it down. The ground is hard and glass is fragile. The Carboy Bumper will minimize the risk of damage from repeated hard landings, bumps, knocks, and other stresses of day-to-day use.
HIGH PERFORMANCE MATERIALS: Extreme shock protection provided by PORON® Shock Absorbing Foam. Specialized 3MTM adhesive film is water and chemical resistant. Anti-fungal, Anti-microbial, & Anti-bacterial.
COMPATIBILITY: Works with all carboy sizes (3 gal, 5, gal, 6 gal, and 6.5 gal). Works along with all other carboy accessories. Customizable where needed.
SAVE MONEY: For much less than the price of a new carboy and the cost of the ingredients of your fermenting brew, you can reduce the risk of injury to yourself, catastrophic loss of your equipment, and most importantly protect your brew.
IMPORTANT: Use of the Carboy Bumper does not circumvent or in anyway supplant the best practices and handling instructions of your glass fermentor as defined by the manufacturer of the glass fermentor. DISCLAIMER / USAGE NOTICE: This is not a safety device. Next Level Innovations, LLC does not guarantee personal or product safety and accepts no liability for damages or accidents that may occur.


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