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The One Thing You Cannot Have in Thailand or Southeast Asia


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The one thing you cannot have in Thailand or Southeast Asia is an ego. In order to have a successful life as an expat in Thailand, the Philippines, or anywhere else in Southeast Asia, you must not have an ego. You must leave your ego on the plane. Any hint of Western privilege, or entitlement will likely get you into trouble in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia.
Many expats forget that humility, open-mindedness, and patience will allow you to have a great life, vacation, or Holiday in Thailand. If you are the type of person who wants to “flex” their Western privilege in Thailand or Southeast Asia, my recommendation is to stay home. Do not come to Thailand with a chip on your shoulder, thinking that you are entitled to the same rights as you have in your home country. Simply showing forms of disrespect in Thailand can get you arrested, fined, jail time, deportation, and/or blacklisting from Thailand or any other country in Southeast Asia.
The vast majority of expats who come to Thailand do not realize how extreme the cultural differences are. These cultural differences can be both a blessing and a curse.
Please be aware that the one thing you cannot have in Thailand is an ego problem. Humility is the key to being a successful expat in Thailand. Patience will allow any expat to get through virtually any situation in Southeast Asia.
For those of us who travel Thailand, we must remember that patience makes us good expats. We are guests when we enter another country. It is always very important to remember this when travelling Thailand, the Philippines, or anywhere in Southeast Asia.

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