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The Ultimate Vegetarian Quesadilla Recipe

The Ultimate Vegetarian Quesadilla Recipe

hi I’m Marlon and this is bachelor on a budget today we are going to be making vegetarian fully loaded quesadillas let’s get started okay to start off we got a hot pan going and we’re just going to drop in a knob of butter start off we’re going to drop in our red onion and we’re going to go in with a couple cloves of garlic so I’m using a whole can of red kidney beans here now I prefer a mashed consistency kind of like refried beans so you can either mash them but I got a nonstick here or you can give it a good fisting with clean hands of course just yeah fist that you can season that with some salt get our mushrooms in there and then we get in our kidney beans and we went some frozen corn and this is optional but what I like to do is add a bit of salsa to it feel free to mash down some of the beans okay then we want to get all this into a separate container okay then we just want to clean out that pan with a paper towel so we’re still a medium-high heat here we’re just going to take another note butter put that in the pan yeah we’re gonna get our first kiss deer in that around and start applying the goods now I got some mixed cheese here you can use any type I went with the awesome cheddar and mozzarella we just want a little bit at the bottom to act as like a cheese igloo and we go with our toppings and I got some spinach as well and we’ll top that off with some cheese and add on another tortilla sheet make sure that does it burn on the bottom when you’re ready to flip it you can either take a spatula and just go like that or if you got a narrow pan like I do put the plate right in here we’ll put over voila I’ve got a bit more butter in there and just slide that baby back in good old twirl okay once that quesadilla has been on this side for a couple minutes we can take that out and let’s see how that looks oh man I still got another one of these to cook but Holi I just could not stop myself look at these oh my god so you likely still have enough to make a second one as well just repeat the recipe but thank you guys for watching if this is your first time here please hit that subscribe button and leave a comment down below let me know what you want to see me make thank you guys for watching


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