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Using the Paleo diet for autoimmune disease


The second diet I recommend for autoimmune disease is the Paleo diet. In terms of being effective, it’s an amazing long-term option and more effective than the gluten-free diet, however, it’s not as effective as a Whole30 or Autoimmune Paleo (AIP diet). Many people who do Whole30 or AIP move onto Paleo long-term.

In this video I mention the Paleo Starter Guide, which you can purchase here:

**Please note that I am not a medical professional nor a registered dietician, so take what I say with that in mind. I’m a health coach and autoimmune disease sufferer who avidly researches all the options out there and have come up with my recommendations based on my training, research, and talking to hundreds of other autoimmune disease sufferers who have started to feel much better using these methods.

This video is #9 in a series (basically a 101 crash course) I’m doing for my website which explains what autoimmune disease is, how to best treat it, what your doctor isn’t telling you, things you can do RIGHT NOW to start to help with symptoms, how diet and lifestyle affect it, and the diets I recommend to put your symptoms and disease activity into remission.

See the rest of the series here:


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