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Vegan Recipe: Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich | The Edgy Veg

Vegan Recipe: Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich | The Edgy Veg

oh my gosh I am so good at this this is amazing hey today on the edgy veg I’m going to show you how to make a chick-fil-a spicy chicken sandwich so you can enjoy chick-fil-a on a Sunday without a side of homophobia and it’s also meat free all the good things we’re inclusive here maybe a chick-fil-a sandwich is just super easy task we’re just going to take whatever chicken substitute you want in my case I made my seitan chicken style but there’s a bunch of different companies that you can buy like the faux chicken and we’re just going to bread that so I have a very interesting but special breading for the spicy chicken sandwich so the first thing we’re going to do is make our dredge and breading use some paprika pepper we’re using powdered sugar now this is the key to getting a nice crispy breading it sounds really weird but if you’re going to do fast food properly and authentically you need to use powdered sugar just like we are going to use a deep fryer because we’re doing this authentically lots of cayenne and then we have some salt some chili pepper baking powder so it flops up nicely and garlic powder and you just want to whisk those together so that it combines really well so this will be our bread our bread this will be our dredge and then our breading now we’re going to make our eggs so we have about four eggs worth of four five four eggs worth of egg replacer and we are going to add some pickle juice because the key to a chick-fil-a sandwich so I’ve been told I live in Canada and I’m vegetarian so I’ve never had it but the key is pickle juice and just a little bit of hot sauce and whisk it all together until it’s well combined I’m going to take our seitan or whatever chicken replacer you have put it into the flour this seitan has been marinated in pickle juice and hot sauce and cayenne pepper for about four hours then we are going to toss it into our egg solution egg wash or pickle juice thing and then we’re putting it back into the breading you might want to use one hand for the wet and the other hand for the dry so you don’t end up with a really crazy alien fingers and now we are going to put our baked chicken Satan Satan chicken if you don’t like the word fake into our fryer you can pan fry this as well and a bunch of oil but we’re frying it because we’re doing authentic fast-food just vegan and you need things to be deep-fried all right in general we’re gonna let it fry for about five minutes when it’s nice and golden brown then it’s ready when it’s nice and golden brown we’re going to take it out of the deep fryer put it into a paper towel lined bowl and then sprinkling maybe you don’t like it very spicy you can just omit this step to build our chick-fil-a we’re going to need a bun is I’ve steamed it slightly it’s kind of toasted we’re putting cheese then your we’re going to put our spicy fillet put some where are these put some pickled medallions and add our top and there you have it believe it or not it’s Sunday and I’m going to eat chick-fil-a oh my gosh YUM Candace you slay thank you you’re welcome guys this might be better than my mid chicken sandwich I think it might be better so if you like this recipe make sure you give it a big thumbs up let me know what fast food you want me to make next leave it in a comment below and make sure that you subscribe because we’re trying to hit 100,000 subscribers and we need you guys to subscribe to get there and to share this channel with everyone so this is a recipe that I made for James because he’s going vegan for the month of March and I want to make sure that he has lots and lots of delicious recipes that he can go to you want to join the vegan March challenge make sure that you follow me on Instagram and that you follow me on snapchat for more information and I will talk to you soon goodbye my fast food vegan lovers today on the edgy veg I’m going to show you how you can make awesome Popeyes copycat chicken mmm chicken in a biscuit the first thing we’re going to do


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