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ZeZaZu Parchment Paper Sheets for Baking – MADE IN EUROPE – Precut 12×16 inch (100 Sheets) -RECLOSABLE PACK- Exact Fit for Half-Sheet Baking Pans, Unbleached, Non-stick, Dual-Sided Siliconized Coating


Price: $14.99 - $13.99
(as of Dec 05,2020 23:40:45 UTC – Details)

Siliconized Non-Stick Brown Unbleached Baking Paper is a two side treated greaseproof paper with excellent heat stability. Baking papers have been developed to make food preparation simpler, cleaner and more efficient. In a health-conscious world, reducing the amount of fat used in cooking is a major benefit. Paper is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and ISO 16001 standards.

🍀 HIGHEST QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE – ZeZaZu Parchment paper sheets use virgin wood pulp and high-grade silicone for exceptional quality. our environmentally friendly, reusable unbleached baking paper sheets don’t stick, burn or curl. Our reusable nonstick parchment paper is pre-cut to the perfect half sheet pan size without rolling. 👍
🍀 REMOVE THE NEED FOR GREASE – In oven trays and baking sheets, and even in frying pans. Parchment paper reduces the need for cleaning, increases productivity and extends the lifespan of trays. Our parchment sheets will take the hassle out of your baking. Perfect for baking bread, cookies, croissants, cakes, cupcakes, pastries, pizzas, rolls, sweets & more. Suitable for your air fryer, tortilla press, microwave, baking pan, cake pan, conventional oven and more.
🍀 EASY TO LOCK PACKAGE – For convenient storage. Our parchment paper lays flat and comes in our factory designed convenient re-closable storage box that is easy to store without folding or tearing. Made from sturdy, recyclable, and biodegradable cardboard papers
🍀 PERFECT FOR FROZEN FOODS – they can go directly from freezer to microwave or conventional oven. They have double-sided coating and are moisture-proof. In many cases, parchment paper is better than aluminium foil. Available for one-time or multi-use, suitable for private and professional kitchens.
🍀 CERTIFIED FOR DRY AND FATTY FOODS – Parchment paper can easily withstand temperatures up to 🌡️ 428 °F, according to ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and ISO 16001 standards. Our parchment paper for baking also works excellent as food wraps for any to-go food. ZEZAZU parchment paper sheets are microwave safe.


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